Modifications to my


Detailed below are some of the modifications I have made to my 2005 BMW R1200ST (similar additions were made to my previous 2002 BMW R1150RS). Maybe this will be useful to someone wanting to add similar items to their bike.

I purchased my ST in 2012 with 6,000 miles on it. It looked new and wasn't even broken in.

This bike runs well and I like it. Less weight and more power would be nice of course, but the ST is pretty close to my ideal sport-touring motorcycle. The newer R1200RS is a definite step up, but for now I will keep riding the ST, and the fact that they imported only about 550 R1200ST's into the US before stopping production makes it a bit exclusive, relatively speaking.

GPS and Handlebar Reposition
MondoMotos Driving Lights
Bags Connection Tank Bags
Sargent Seat
Ohlins and Wilbers Shocks
ZTechnik Exhaust
Odds and Ends


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