The third day of our photography workshop at Mono Lake (Lee Vining), CA, taught by Thom Hogan, was at the old ghost town of Bodie. Bodie is a trip. It was built during the gold rush days in the late 1800's. At one time there were close to 10,000 residents in Bodie, and several stamp mills to process the ore dug from mines in the ground. More information on Bodie can be found here.

What makes Bodie a trip (and a fantastic photographic and historical experience) is that the gold processing eventually stopped in the early 1900's, and almost everyone moved out by 1930. And they pretty much left most of what they had brought or built. Many buildings and houses, rusted cars, the stamp mill, tools, wagons, even the cans on the store shelf. It's an amazing look at life in the 1800's and early 1900's. We got to tour the stamp mill, which was an incredible feat of engineering, and we got to go into the general store, where it appeared everything was still in its place. Go see Bodie--you can spend a weekend just looking at all the stuff laying around on the ground. And the photographic possibilities are endless. Click on any picture below to view a larger size of the image. All were taken with a Nikon DSLR.

Church Altar Building WallOriginal Kitchen
Old SignReflectionsOld Sled
Wagon WheelOld WagonWheel View
Town ViewTruck ViewCar View
Window on Town Old CanRusted Metal
JunkOld CarsReflections
Old Wagons Old SafeStamp Mill
Old Shoe Cash RegisterOre Processing
Old BookOld CansOld Cans
Old Calendar

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