Death Valley

In March of 2004 I attended a photography workshop in Death Valley, CA. This was taught by Thom Hogan. Excellent course, very well instructed by Thom, and highly recommended-- especially to learn more about composition and the capturing of shapes and texture.

Death Valley is a unique place. Stark when viewed from a distance, as in this panorama from Aguereberry Point, but amazingly beautiful when views are isolated and the light is favorable. There are oasises of color in the desert--from bright flowers to shades of earth tones. Where water exists, life flourishes, and where it doesn't, life still manages to cling between the sand and the rocks. Both natural and man-made objects co-exist in this vast emptyness, slowly being worn by the wind and the sun.

Aguereberry Point Panorama

Here are some photos from the 3 day course, click on any to view a larger size of the image. All were taken with a Nikon DSLR.

Panamints from the Sand Dunes Sand DunesZabriskie Point
DunesZabriskie PointRusted Car
Desert FlowerOasis PondMan and the Desert
Monochrome DunesZabriskie Point Kilns
Sunset on the Panamints

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