Adventure, 2003

Motorcycling through the Rockies, July, 2003

Travel route
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This year's trip was planned to coincide with the Top of the Rockies BMW motorcycle rally in Paonia, Colorado. Compared with last year's motorcycle trip, this one was a bit longer (4,000 miles) and traversed 8 western states in 10 days.

This ride covered almost all new territory from my previous motorcycle trips, with a good mix a desert (fast) and mountain (curvy) roads. Included in the route were two of my favorite National Parks--Yosemite and Yellowstone. Unfortunately we ran out of time and couldn't visit my third favorite--Glacier Natl. Park. Next year...

This trip took place with a couple of different riding friends. On the way out to Paonia it was Rock, Elliott and I. Elliott headed back after Paonia, and Rock and I met up with Dave in Denver, and we rode up through Wyoming. Dave headed back home, and Rock and I finished the trip. And I got a (too brief) opportunity to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Buena Vista, Colorado.

The links below offer some insights and photos of the areas we covered on this trip.

















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Rider and mule (photo taken by my Aunt Carol in Buena Vista, CO)

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