Mono Lake/Yosemite

In May of 2005 I attended a photography workshop at Mono Lake (Lee Vining), CA. This was taught by Thom Hogan. Another excellent course, very well instructed by Thom, and highly recommended-- especially to learn more about composition and the capturing of shapes and texture around the lake. We spent two days at the lake and at the adjoining western edge of Yosemite National Park, and then one day at Bodie--an old western ghost town.

Mono Lake is a unique place. The water has receded over many years, and has resulted in the exposure of rock formations called tufas. These are fairly delicate mineral deposits, and protrude up out of the water and shoreline areas. Here are some photos from the first two days at Mono Lake and Yosemite, and you may visit here for photos of the day spent at Bodie. Click on any picture below to view a larger size of the image. All were taken with a Nikon DSLR.

Tufas at SunriseOsprey Landing Tufa Silhouette
Tufa ReflectionTufas at SunriseTufa Reflection
Needles on SnowForest StreamWater Over Wood
Rock in Stream

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